Meal Kits vs. Groceries?

What are you gaining and losing when ordering meal kits vs. grocery shopping?

Well, the pros are very clear:

  • You save time grocery shopping.
  • You reduce food waste by getting the right amounts of ingredients and spices.
  • You have your meals planned, so no scrolling and that nagging feeling every time you think about what to make for dinner tonight/lunch tomorrow/fill in the blanks...
  • The list goes on, but...

A majour con is that ordering meal kits is expensive.

Well, we did the math and we are happy to report that ordering Lovinlunch meal kits is about the same price right now as doing grocery shopping yourself. Think about it. You have everything prepped and delivered to your door for the same price that you would have paid for the same ingredients at a grocery store.

How are we able to do that with prices everywhere going up? We get our ingredients at wholesale prices. it's a win - win really. 

I'll tell you more, most of our ingredients are premium - organic and local.

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