Burrito Bon Appetito
Burrito Bon Appetito
Vegeterian Fiber Energy Protein Preparation time 10 minutes

Burrito Bon Appetito

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Meet our new Burrito Bon Appetito where we’ve rolled up a world of flavour and fun for kids and made it super easy for you to serve up smiles! Say hello to our new culinary creation - it’s a taste adventure that’s been kid-tested and approved. 

Imagine a burst of colors and flavors in every bite. Packed with wholesome goodness, this scrumptious creation starts with tender black beans and fluffy rice, delivering a perfect balance of protein and energy for your growing superheroes. And because we know how much kids love cheese, we've generously sprinkled it in for that extra cheesy goodness!

Burrito Bon Appetito is crafted to be not only delicious but also easy for parents to prepare, because we know that your time is precious. With our simple recipe, you can whip up these burritos in no time and watch your kids devour them with joy.

Join the ranks of delighted parents who have already discovered the magic of our Burrito Bon Appetito. It's the perfect meal to brighten up your child's lunchtime (or dinnertime) and fill their tummies with happiness.

  • Tender Large Original Tortilla
  • Organic Black beans
  • Yellow Onion
  • Superpower Short Grain White Rice
  • Rainbow Bell Peppers
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Feta Cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic
  • Salt
You will need: 1 frying pan, oil

Preparing Ingredients

Thaw burrito filling overnight in the fridge.

Optional - when ready to roll, heat your tortilla slightly to make it more pliable. You can do this by placing it in a microwave for 10 seconds or on a dry frying pan over a medium heat for a few seconds on each side.

If desired, mix in the feta cheese into the filling once thawed.


  • Pre-heat a frying pan with 1 tbsp oil.
  • Lay your tortilla flat on a clean surface.
  • Place the prepared burrito filling in the centre of a large tortilla and spread shredded cheese on top.
  • Fold in the left and right sides of the tortilla toward the centre. This will help enclose the filling and prevent it from falling out.
  • Now, take the bottom edge of the tortilla (the one closest to you) and fold it up and over the filling, tucking it in tightly. Begin rolling the burrito away from you, keeping it tight as you go. 

Let's Fry

Now place the burrito on a pre-heated  pan with 1 tbsp oil, fold down and press slightly with a spatula for 2 min. 

Flip to the other side for an additional 1.5-2 min, or until golden.

The Best Part - Snacks!

Wash your fruits and veggies and cut them however your kids like (halves, sticks, stars, whatever you have time for), add the treat and write your note with love.

Finishing Touches

Place burrito on a cutting board and cut in halves, if desired, or serve whole.

Now your Lovinlunch is ready!

  • Wheat and triticale
  • Milk
* Our kits are prepared in a facility that handles allergens including tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy, eggs, wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, mustard, sesame, and sulphites. Though best practices are used when preparing the meal kits, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur.